Ciao! Welcome to the MÀKIA Blog.

A place for story-telling, reflection, and a way to keep you updated with the latest news and events from the studio.  Through written word and photography, we look forward to populating these pages with plenty of content to spark your interest.

And so… to start, we decided it would be appropriate to give a little explanation behind the name MÀKIA.  Anyone with an appreciation of the mediterranean costal landscapes may quickly understand why a Team of architects, landscape architects & designers would draw inspiration from the word Macchia, as in the Macchia Mediterranea.

The Macchia Mediterranea in the Costa Smeralda of Sardinia



The Macchia Mediterranea on the island of Elba



The Macchia Mediterranea on the coast of Monte Argentario, Tuscany



The Macchia Mediterranea on the North coast of Corsica


While it is true that we are constantly looking for design inspiration in the naturally-pruned, but ever-wild landscapes of the Macchia Mediterranea, we are particularly interested in a much older, and traditional meaning of the word Macchia that emphasises the role of spontaneity in the artistic collaboration with technique, rather than mere control of it, and on a close kinship between artist and nature.  We really like this concept as a philosophy to guide our design work and so we decided that since this traditional meaning no longer appears in the dictionaries, we would take it upon ourselves to bring the traditional meaning back, and create a new word – MÀKIA, as it’s new “container”.

At MÀKIA, we strive to create places for our clients that are exceptional collaborations between thriving natural systems, people, art, and design.



From initial site visits and collaborative meetings with our clients…



To refining our design work in the studio…



To understanding the possibilities (and limits) of the materials we use…



And spending the necessary time on site, working closely with the skilled craftsmen and builders of our projects…



And dedicating the time to always improve our botanical expertise and experiment with nature’s dynamic essence…



Our work is not only the result of successful professional collaborations and plenty of experience, but of our never-tiring sense of curiosity.  And it is this curiosity which enables us to design spectacular places and experiences.



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