M À K I A is an interdisciplinary studio of landscape architects, architects, and designers working with our clients to vision, design, and build resilient places that forge a deep connection between people and their environments. Whether a landscape, building, or object, we strive to craft dynamic and multi-layered designs for our clients.  Our areas of expertise range from rural-based planning and hospitality design to private estates and escapes

Our studio is located in the historic center of Florence Italy. Famous for it’s rich history and design traditions, we often collaborate with master artisans to instill a strong sense of craft in our project detailing. While most of our work is located in the Mediterranean, we occasionally take on special assignments further abroad.

Our projects vary greatly in terms of scale and complexity, from expansive master planning projects to intimate and exceptionally detailed private gardens, but we approach each project with a methodology that balances analytical research, interdisciplinary collaboration and natural systems design with art and aesthetic.

Click on the images below to meet the Team:

Philip Adiutori, Principal + Design Director


Guido Pantani, Design Director


Sofia Milosevic, Project Designer


Laura Bogon, Design Director


Michele Longo, Project Designer


Beatrice Sartoni, Project Designer


Alessandra Bonaccio, Project Designer


Simone Natali, Project Designer


Giulia Bruni Zani, Project Designer


Margherita Pelusio, Studio Coordinator


Federica Trudu, Project Designer

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